Today was the day- the day to bake scones. why… because I have never, ever baked them, I had some butter in the fridge, I live in England, and last but not least it is a Mary Berry recipe. Anyway I thought that I need lots of butter… oh well I will have to bake some shortbreads soon ;p But back to the scones. Recipe is as usual so simple and takes no time at all.Scones are delicious freshly baked especially when served with whipped cream and strawberries. They will be also nice to eat just with a butter. I was also thinking to maybe next time go a bit crazy with flavour… a bit more creamy, add some lemon zest or lavender or some spices? I would definitely try something new.

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Yoghurt cake with strawberries and jelly


Summer is coming time for cold puddings… and fresh fruits 😀 My favourite ones are creamy, cheescakey puddings. Especially with jelly. In my home we used to have a cake with powdered milk divided into coco and vanilla layers and fruit jelly- yummmy. Unfortunately I found it a bit difficult to find powdered milk in a shop which isn’t granulated. I had to come up with something different and a bit healthier (but don’t worry I will make the proper version at some point :)). In the mean time you can try this recipe with greek yoghurt.


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Sweet yeast cake (recipe for polish drożdżòwka)


This cake is one of the polish basic cakes, perfect on its own, gorgeous with seasonal fruits. For me the best bit is the crumble on top. I have to admit that I have never made this cake on my own. Usually when my mum bakes it, it’s always deliiiciuus. So nice that on my last holiday I got a massive piece to take back to England- of course it disappeared within 2 days (I love to have it for breakfast; in my opinion pudding is usually a great idea to start your day right). But back to my yeast cake, I have never made it on my own because it requires a lot of energy and strength. Of course it is manageable, you just need some guy to help. If you decide to do everything yourself it will be a good test for your arm muscles. Both ways- lots of fun 😊


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Mini strawberry tarts


It’s finally spring! Even if the weather is not perfect and it is not always sunny outside, you can feel the spring. You can feel it especially if you go for your grocery shopping. All those fresh herbs, red and shiny strawberries, rhubarb… It is so difficult to decide what to buy so I end up with massive bag of fruit and vegetables. My first package of strawberries I ate really quickly with my porridge and as a snack. They tasted great so I decided to buy some more and bake something sweet with them. Because what’s better than warm strawberry tarts made with fresh fruits and served ideally with vanilla ice-cream… heaven 🙂


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