Rhubarb cake with a hint of orange


The sun is back!Β It is so nice outside that I felt a little bad to sit at home. But there was a good thing about that- I could play around in kitchen. I had some rhubarb waiting for me in a fridge. At first I was planning to bake a sweet yeast cake but it takes time and an energy to “hit” a cake. So probably I will bake it over a weekend (also I need to buy some more flour- I run out of all of them ;/). But back to today. I used one of the old home recipe for apple pie and transform it a bit. Of course if you are not a fun of rhubarb you can stuck with apple jam or use some fresh berries with a pinch of sugar.


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Jammy cookies

It’s weekend- time to be spooooiled! And if in the same time you don’t want work too much… this cookies are perfect for you. Maybe not the healthies ones but ohh soo yuummmy. Also you can make them within half an hour πŸ˜€


Usually you have all ingredients needed for those cookies at home. Β The recipe is also flexible- you can any seeds or nuts or even sprinkle a sugar on top. Also for the filling you could use jam, peanut butter, cream, chocolate… your chooice πŸ˜€

I made cookies as a quick treat for myself and my boyfriend. To be even more spoiled, for dinner we have a pizza- homemade and ready even quicker than cookies πŸ˜€ I will add pizza recipe in the next post. So for now enjoy sweets πŸ™‚


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