Banana pancakes



Here is another banana treat. It is perfect for a lazy sunday breakfast especially in a bed. Of course they taste better if someone will do them for you 😆 But if you are not so lucky don’t worry it’s only take you a minute to prepare them (even quicker if you fry pancakes in advance).

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Banana Bread for the first time


I love bananas 😍 I could eat them every day especially that you can buy them all year round so cheap. They are great in smoothies, as an ice cream and as an addition to cakes of course. And my all time favourite form of banana is banana bread. Love the moist texture, addition of the crunchy nuts and cinamon flavour mmm… But I’ve never attempted to make one. The reason is simple- my bananas never last so long 😑 However a few days ago I bought some extra fruit. Two of them I used for today’s cake and I kept two more in the freezer to make some nice icecream soon.

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