Mississipi mud pie


Ages ago, when I was working as waitress in one of the pubs we were selling Mississipi Mud Pie. It was the first time I ever saw it and I was amazed. Layers of chocolate and cream and more chocolate as a biscuit base- you just can’t beat it. I remind myself about this cake just a few weeks ago when I was talking with my friends. It turn out that I am so good at describing it that I had to promise to bake it. If it comes to cakes you don’t need to ask me twice. I bought some missing ingrediends and set myself to work. I used one of the Hairy Bikers recipe to start with (in a future I’m planning to fallow Martha Stewart recipe).

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Sweet yeast cake (recipe for polish drożdżòwka)


This cake is one of the polish basic cakes, perfect on its own, gorgeous with seasonal fruits. For me the best bit is the crumble on top. I have to admit that I have never made this cake on my own. Usually when my mum bakes it, it’s always deliiiciuus. So nice that on my last holiday I got a massive piece to take back to England- of course it disappeared within 2 days (I love to have it for breakfast; in my opinion pudding is usually a great idea to start your day right). But back to my yeast cake, I have never made it on my own because it requires a lot of energy and strength. Of course it is manageable, you just need some guy to help. If you decide to do everything yourself it will be a good test for your arm muscles. Both ways- lots of fun 😊


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Rhubarb cake with a hint of orange


The sun is back! It is so nice outside that I felt a little bad to sit at home. But there was a good thing about that- I could play around in kitchen. I had some rhubarb waiting for me in a fridge. At first I was planning to bake a sweet yeast cake but it takes time and an energy to “hit” a cake. So probably I will bake it over a weekend (also I need to buy some more flour- I run out of all of them ;/). But back to today. I used one of the old home recipe for apple pie and transform it a bit. Of course if you are not a fun of rhubarb you can stuck with apple jam or use some fresh berries with a pinch of sugar.


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Banana Bread for the first time


I love bananas 😍 I could eat them every day especially that you can buy them all year round so cheap. They are great in smoothies, as an ice cream and as an addition to cakes of course. And my all time favourite form of banana is banana bread. Love the moist texture, addition of the crunchy nuts and cinamon flavour mmm… But I’ve never attempted to make one. The reason is simple- my bananas never last so long 😑 However a few days ago I bought some extra fruit. Two of them I used for today’s cake and I kept two more in the freezer to make some nice icecream soon.

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