Mini strawberry tarts


It’s finally spring! Even if the weather is not perfect and it is not always sunny outside, you can feel the spring. You can feel it especially if you go for your grocery shopping. All those fresh herbs, red and shiny strawberries, rhubarb… It is so difficult to decide what to buy so I end up with massive bag of fruit and vegetables. My first package of strawberries I ate really quickly with my porridge and as a snack. They tasted great so I decided to buy some more and bake something sweet with them. Because what’s better than warm strawberry tarts made with fresh fruits and served ideally with vanilla ice-cream… heaven 🙂


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Mince pies


I bet you have eat mince pies before, if not you definitely have to try them. The name is not the greatest one and it can make you think about something filled with mincemeat (at least I had associations like that when I first heard about those pies). And I have to admit I was really suprised when I tried some- nice and melted in your mouth pastry with lovely filling (dry fruits, rasins, cranberry, apple and aroma of brandy). All of that complete with truly Christmas spices- cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and orange zest. Yummmy.

So you can’t be suprised that after I tried them I had make my own one ;]

Aaaa I almost forgot- I found recipe for the filling that is ready as soon you made it (traditional filling you should leave for about two weeks to get all the flavours) and most of all…. you don’t have to use suet for this 🙂

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