Stuffed peppers


I had this meal already twice this month. All you need is a few peppers. With the filling you can go as crazy as you wish- you can stuff them only with meat or make a vegetarian option with some beans. Instead of rice you can use barley or cous cous. Personaly I like them the way I presented (maybe with a bit of cheddar melted on the top and spalsh of tomato ketchup ;p). Also the meal doesn’t involve much of the kitchen skills so everyone can make it and enjoy something new for a dinner.

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Mushroom and chicken risotto


I think I’ve become a bit of a fussy eater. I bet you know that feeling when you are sitting at home and you fancy to eat something nice but you’re not sure what. And worse still- there is definitely nothing at home in your fridge and cupboards. You start to browse the internet but all the food pictures make you only more hungry. I had one of those days last week. I came back home ready to cook but didn’t know what. It took me a while before I found some risotto rice- hidden deeply in one of my cupboards. And then a great idea “I have never ever made risotto. Let’s make it now.” Quick visit to a shop for a wine (there’s never too much wine) and mushrooms and I was ready 😊 Of course I am not so gifted and didn’t create this recipe on my own- I used a Knorr one but added a few pieces of my own 😄 The result was so delicious but I made too much (by the look of the ingredients for two portions I thought it wouldn’t be enough so I followed the recipe and cooked for four. Oh well I had dinner ready for the following day too).

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