Coconut and chocolate cupcakes


There’s a good news- I’m moving houses soon. I’m gonna move to different city at the start of September. And I hope that I’ll find a new job quickly, otherwise I’ll be force to travel to my current one half an hour in a train. We will see. Anyway back to a new town. After we found a perfect flat we went for a lunch with bf’s work friends. It was do much fun to sit in a garden, have a nice chat and a drink. Of course I had to mention that my hobby is baking and that I have a blog. So now I’m baking a batch of cupcakes for them. As a first I chose a chocolate muffins with creamy frosting with marshmallows and coconut. I’m also planning to bake a carrot cake ones for those people who are not a fan of coconut 😊

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Mississipi mud pie


Ages ago, when I was working as waitress in one of the pubs we were selling Mississipi Mud Pie. It was the first time I ever saw it and I was amazed. Layers of chocolate and cream and more chocolate as a biscuit base- you just can’t beat it. I remind myself about this cake just a few weeks ago when I was talking with my friends. It turn out that I am so good at describing it that I had to promise to bake it. If it comes to cakes you don’t need to ask me twice. I bought some missing ingrediends and set myself to work. I used one of the Hairy Bikers recipe to start with (in a future I’m planning to fallow Martha Stewart recipe).

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Tiramisu cupcakes

This is one of the recipes from my old, polish blog which I’m trying to translate. Back then I bought a new cookbook called “The Cupcake” πŸ™‚ The book includes about 80 recipes for cupcakes, but also practical advices for baking and interesting ideas for decorating. So it was obvious that I need to test them πŸ™‚ As a first test I baked tiramisu cupcakes decorated with handmade chocolate holly leaves. They came out ideal πŸ™‚ It is a great idea for all coffee lovers.

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Muffins with blueberries and dried cranberry

It’s end of July now, next weekend we are planning to spend a weekend on the seaside. So proper holidays are coming but… Just a one small “but”- weather. I really hope it is gonna be nice and sunny so we can do lots of walks on the shore and eat some fish and chips outside. At the moment it’s hard to tell. Last week was soooo hot, 32 deegrees…for a day. Nevermind. I believe we are gonna have amaaazing weather :). Also I should get used to English weather by now.
You have to always try to look at the bright side- if it is not too great outside it’s a good excuse to spend a day inside… in a kitchen preferebly haha. Especially at this time of a year when you have such a variety of fresh fruit Β and vegetables. it would be a shame not to bake anything. So here it is, recipe for blueberry muffins. So nice and fruit with a n addition of lemon zest- just must try.
I copied this recipe from my old blog. I was keep promising myself to copy those recipes and translate to english but there was always something else to do (also I am a bit lazy ;p). Anyway from now on I’ll try to be more organized and sort this out πŸ™‚

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Plum muffins


The summer is a perfect time time for a fruity puddings. Personally I love all the fruity cakes, especially does made from fresh ingredients. I wish I could bake a cake fully loaded with plums for example but too much juice gonna made a sad layer and ruin all. Anyway back to the recipe. This one I bake plenty of times and always get great. I love to eat those muffins as a my breakfast but you can also make it as nice whole cake (I will add recipe soon). If you have really sweet tooth you can serve it with icing. And one more good thing- the muffins are tasty for a three days.

Sometimes I miss polish plums. They are so full of flavour compared to plums sold in the uk. I could eat them all the time. I also had some recipe for a plum soup- boil plums with lemon zest, sugar and cinnamon. after plums get soft take out lemon zest and blend the plums. Serve with a bit of sour cream. Yuuum ;]

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